VLeading in corporate issues and off-the-shelf companies since 1954

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Svenska Standardbolag is the market leader in company cases in Sweden since 1954 and has assisted Swedish enterprises in more than 300 000 company cases.

Our off-the-shelf company AB Grundstenen is our main product and more than 150 000 Swedish companies have been started with it. Svenska Standardbolag is also leading in the area of liquidation. Since 1992 more than 20 000 companies have been liquidated through the unique quick winding-up service Slutstenen.

In the autumn of 2000, Svenska Standardbolag and Magnus Litens founded Sweden’s today leading actor in archive services, Depona AB. Depona operates in ten locations in Sweden and have thousands of customers who use their web-based archiving solution Visual archive.

The history of Standardbolag

Lawyer Gustaf Bertil Ihrman, the founder of Svenska Standardbolag AB, had his office in the ”Ihrman villa” in Falun and operated comprehensive legal services during the years of 1921–1953.

After the war, there was less work in his business, and Ihrman tried to find a new focus of his business. He wanted it to be related to his marketing studies at ”Columbia University School of Business” in New York 1921.

In the year of 1944, after the new Limited Companies act was taken, Ihrman saw an opportunity to realize his idea of off-the-shelf companies

tavlan-1024x728At his summer residence on Öland the idea took its final form. Standardization of company formation, fixed prizes and qualified service were included in the complete ”company package”.

The business activities were conducted through S-bolagen AB until 1954, when the company Svenska Standardbolag AB was formed.

ssb-gamla-byggnadenThe development was progressing rapidly. In 1964 the company had 11 employees, offices covering the entire lower floor of the Ihrman Villa in Falun and a rented office in Stockholm.

The artist Stig Sonesson, Stockholm, was the company’s PR-man during G B Ihrman’s time. He created the scroll, which is still used in some prints.

sbolags-nyttIn 1970 the banker Olof Brovall and the accountant Sören Thunström took over the company from G B Ihrman, who was retiring from old age. The company has, during the years, evolved into Sweden’s leading company in company services and operates in Falun, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe. Svenska standardbolag’s head office is located in Falun and in the aforementioned “Ihrman villa”, Depona now has a part of its business.

Today, the executive director of Svenska Standardbolag is Erik Berggren and Olof Brovall owns the entire company to 100%. The company has offices in Falun, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The number of employees has increased to around 30.

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Svenska Standardbolag AB has a leading position in corporate issues and off-the-shelf companies.

Svenska Standardbolag is the market leader in company cases in Sweden since 1954 and has assisted Swedish enterprises in more than 400 000 company cases.

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